We want to expand in the Japan market but we don't know how to start.

We want to create a promotion and place an ad for the Japanese consumers.

We want to create a promotion and place an ad for the Japanese consumers.

We want a local partner who is good digital marketing in Japan.

We are looking for a company where we can leave everything such as marketing support and consulting in the Japanese market.

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Importance of Localization

Localization is very important in digital marketing. It is necessary to consider various backgrounds such as the Japanese law, culture and customs rather than simply translating the description of products and services. Our digital marketing team aims to maximize business by providing optimal marketing services tailored to the target.

5 Digital Marketing Services
that accelerate your business in Japan



Consulting for support in expanding businesses in Japan

We set goals based on research and analysis, and create quick strategic plans for our customers' products and services.


Introduce the appeals of products and services

Localization / Rebranding

We explore the concept and clarify the reasons and attractiveness that various customers choose from. Multinational and experienced marketers localize the contents and optimize for the targeted areas.


Build relationships between customers and clients

SNS marketing (account management / operation)

We create content, operate SNS accounts, and verify the effects according to customer's requests and challenges on the SNS channels such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


Optimize the websites

Multilingualization of websites and EC sites / Website production

We translate the website into the preferred languages. In addition to that, we optimize the attractiveness of our customers' products and services in consideration of the culture and customs of the target country or region. We can also create a website from scratch.


Support for expanding sales channels

Internet advertisement operations for Japan

We plan and operate advertisements such as Google Ads and SNS ads according to the target area.


Creation, Translation (Localization) Content development and Management of International Digital Marketing Campaigns


Digital Marketing Strategy for Brand Awareness and Market Expansion
-An efficient marketing solution for our clients requirements and budget.

Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG


Digital Marketing Strategy & Brand Expansion in Asia
-The management of their digital presence that started with Toro Japan and is now covering most of the Asia Pacific region.

The Toro Company (APAC)


Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Care and Sales Promotion.
-Increased online traffic due to data based strategy. We maintained online and offline sales promotion. Redirect traffic to sales by geolocation. Promoted local activity on Twitter.


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Digital Marketing Strategy & E-commerce
- We Localized the brand image to increase online shop sales on their original website As well as their Amazon Shop. We built and developed a sales action strategy through word of mouth redirection.

BathroomWall T-shirts

About the Digital Marketing Team

The digital marketing team is a joint project of Ad Square and Mondo Marketing, which has multinational staff with extensive experience in digital marketing and supports a wide range of activities, from corporate branding to creative web promotion, corporate social media management, and to content development in 12 languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonasian, Malay, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and English).
In this project, we properly configure an action team according to the challenges that our clients face and provide optimal proposals and marketing support for the solutions.
Flexible support is possible for each project.


Founder / Web Director

Masahiro / Japan


Highly experienced in web production and direction, Masahiro is consulting customers regarding various web grounds.
His experience covers a wide range of spheres, which includes design, front-end, back-end, marketing, web advertising and CRM.
In addition to directing the entire project and proposing web promotions, he also produces UI/UX designs, user flows, and information designs.

Web Promotion Investment Consultant

Yuya / Japan


After 9 years of experience in web production and direction, Yuya was a team leader of various operation plans for more than 100 companies with high budgets reaching up to thousands to 140 million yen per month at an advertisement operation corporation.
Currently, he is in charge of web advertising consulting and advertising operations.

Digital Design
Front & Backend Engineer

Nomase / Nigeria

Enogueva Kingsley Nomase

Nomase has been designing and developing websites for more than 10 years. He began his career as a web designer in Japan, and has done plenty of profound research to provide proper web content for various companies.
Currently, he is in charge of the frontend and backend of the company.

Web Director / Web Analyst

Kaori / Japan


Experienced in web production and advertising operations at a web advertising agency, Kaori has knowledge of design, front-end, back-end, and web advertising.
She works on various services that ranges from planning proposals to promotions, to delivering the appeal of products and services to end users.
She is good in data analysis and website improvement proposals with the use of Google Analytics, and is currently studying behavioral psychology in order to pursue "marketing that moves people's minds".

Web Marketer

Sungbae / Korea


As a member of an official advertising support team of a Google vendor company, Sungbae had a great experience in digital marketing support and consulting for major companies.
He has the ability to spaek Korean, English, and Japanese languages, and specialises in content marketing and SNS advertisements such as Facebook, Instagram, NAVER (South Korean online platform), and video marketing utilizing YouTube.
He also has marketing experience in various business fields such as entertainment and restaurant business.


Kazuhiro / Japan


Kazuhiro has engaged in various types of design projects which include graphic design, web design, and editorial design at a major mail-order business company and design production agent for 20 years.
He provides support for the marketing activities of our clients by creating concepts and designs based on marketing, which is essential for effective promotion.

Mondo Marketing


Jose / Mexico


Native of Spanish and with studies on Business management, English and Japanese, he has been living in Japan for over 25 years. Jose has observed almost 30 years of Japanese history on technology, creativity, business development, and Pop-culture, which is the reason why he always has good forecasts of trends in Japan. Same way, he has seen which Japanese business have succeed abroad, and the opposite. Founder of the company and with over 10 years of experience on Japanese E-Commerce and 8 years experience in Digital Marketing (Yahoo/Amazon)He has HootSuite social media certificate

General Manager

Hitomi / Japan


Majored in economics, Hitomi has extensive experience in developing intercultural communication for business.
With more than fifteen years of translation and interpretation experience, she has learned to fix common snags on cultural understanding. She is responsible for managing all the content and PPC campaigns, and spends time reviewing our clients’ public image and examining our strategies. Co-founder of the company, she has 8+ years experience in digital marketing and has a HootSuite Social Media Certification (March, 2014) and Google Digtal Workshop Certification (January, 2017).

Digital Marketing Manager

Reina / Korea


Native Korean, advanced speaker of English and Japanese. Curious about cultures since elementary school, she majored in international business at a national university in central Korea and accumulated marketing experience through various activities. With a vast experience in marketing and international sales, she is qualified in the management of a range of digital marketing techniques, that includes paid search, SEO, PPC and others.
Her attention to detail and understanding of Asian cultures makes her a very important leader of our team.

Digital Marketer

Zhize / China


Chinese native. Fluent in Japanese and English. Majored in medical welfare. He is very skilled in information research. Statistics and approach measures leading to business improvement and work efficiency. Li has learned in China the importance of digital marketing by collecting and analyzing information through different networks. His work has become indispensable to our team. He also coordinates marketing campaigns and strategies for China and other Chinese-speaking markets.

Graphic Designer / Video Editor

Gabriela / Brasil


Portuguese native, fluent in english, Japanese intermediate. Born in Brazil, living in Japan since 2018. Video editor and Graphic Designer. With over 5 years acting in Marketing company for Games. Extensive knowledge in advanced modalities of image and video production, animation, 3D modeling, design, marketing and websites.
Experienced in managing online and offline visual communication projects.


Danica / Philippines


Danica holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from De La Salle University - Dasmariñas (Philippines) and Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool (UK). Practicing in the field of IT, as a Support Engineer for the love of helping people in a technical way, for about 6 years. She loves reading books, writing poetry, and playing football. Her personal Instagram account holds some of the contents she's made herself. Apart from her career in IT, she has also started her passion for digital marketing and social media from way back 2012 and she's worked with different clients for social media management, book proofreading, and copy writing.


Diana / U.S.A.


Diana is our English content copywriter.
She traveled to many countries all over the world, which gave her the opportunity to explore various cultures and languages. Her Associates Degree in Biology and Writing comes perfect for the role of copy editor for Mondo.

Digital Marketer

Loi / Vietnam


Loi has more than 8 years' experience working as an English-Vietnamese translator and copywriter. He is the person revising the technical information about our clients products. He is also in charge of our Vietnamese marketing networks. Loi is very passionate about technology, innovation, both virtually and physically.

Copywriter / Blogger

Aaron / Brasil


Born in Brazil, Aaron Soares is a copywriter and creative strategist with over 15 years of experience working with the top agencies and clients in Brazil and worldwide, creating meaningful ideas to develop business both online and offline.
In Japan, since 2018, he is a content writer in English and Portuguese and also responsible for business in Brazil, building strategies to connect the vast Brazilian market potential to the innovative Japanese business and consumers.

Copywriter / Blogger

Hiroshi / Japan


After several years living in the U.K., Hiroshi’s English proficiency became remarkable and the main reason why he is the brain converting ideas into Japanese text. Besides being an innovative writer, he always does his homework looking for keyword trends and hashtags that he coordinates writing directly to the point in few lines of text.


Zhanna / Belarus


Native in Russian and Belarusian languages, able to speak English and Japanese on business level.
Permanently living in Japan for 13 years. Following the dream became an international flight attendant, and have 7 years of flying experience. In the university her major was international trading and management. Since then she has been interested in international business relationship. Nowadays she realizes the importance of digital marketing for the world trading more than ever, and now challenging herself in the new field, working as sales coordinator for international marketing agency.


We have listed some of the frequently asked questions regarding expansion in the Japan market.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

You don't need an office or staff in Japan. All you need is to create a business page on SNS, send information to targeted customers and prospective customers, and build relationships of trust. Since you communicate interactively with them, you can respond to inquiries about products and services online.

Seen from overseas companies, the Japanese market is very large, and the economy is very active. So you can say that Japan is an attractive market.
In addition, there is a high possibility that demand will increase in the Japanese market by developing services and products that are not available in Japan.

Our marketing team will conduct thoughtful research on the thoughts and behaviors of customers, as well as other prospective clients in Japan. They also research potential market rivals that might provide a better understanding of the specific target consumer.
Considering that the Internet and social media environment in Japan is different from the rest of the world, we provide accurate digital marketing strategies to achieve our clients’ development goals.

When it comes to translating content into other languages, you should consider not only the language itself but other aspects such as cultural background, the way of thinking, and interests other language speakers have.
With this in mind, we localize the content rather than translate and allocate local jargon to provide a friendly approach.

We constantly check relevant topics and news that are of interest to customers and prospective customers in Japan, publicize them in a timely manner on the right channels. We also develop and share product know-how videos.
We create content on our client’s products and services as well as editorial marketing content that customers and potential customers are interested in.


Free Consultation

Choose the best way to contact us: contact form, chatwork, or telephone.
We propose how the digital marketing team can help you.

We dedicate a good amount of time to research the market, understand the conditions and deliver results. Based on several facts like operation and working times, we will deliver a proposal that can bring the best ROI to our clients.

As soon all details (such as goals, time-schedule, budget, etc) are settled, we will implement the marketing plan based on a reasonable timeline. The performance of our PDCA cycle is set to run efficiently until the goal is achieved.


Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or problems you may have regarding Digital Marketing Team.
We will make suggestions on how we can help you.

If you want to talk to us on chatwork, click here.